900 Signed & Numbered Cards

(Technically 901 cards)

6 different rarities

Each card includes a piece of Tony’s Ramp from when he landed the 900


Gold Legacy


Black Mosaic


Red Kyber


Blue Lava


Silver Lava


Rainbow Holo

“Bigger Bang!” Digital Packs

Series 3, contains 36 different moments from Torey Pudwill's part in 'Bigger Bang!'. Including the Legendary Refractor NFT which unlocks signed and numbered tangible collectible.

Torey Standard Pack Image

Standard pack

Bigger Bang | Torey Pudwill


2000/2000 Packs

Torey Standard Pack Image

Premium pack

Bigger Bang | Torey Pudwill


1000/1000 Packs

Series 2

What The Prod? Tangible & NFT Collectibles

Authentic Collectibles By Paul Rodriguez

Series 2 pack sale has ended

Roadmap 2022

Quarter 4

  • Series 3 NFT + Tangible Collectibles
  • Quick Strike #1: Tangible Collectible Only

Quarter 1 - 2023

  • NFT Marketplace, buy, trade, and sell your NFT's.
  • NFT functionality of rewards, events, and limited product drops. Only accessible through holding certain NFT's.