Pull Legendary moments to unlock physical collectibles

Torey Pudwill Legendary Refractor Trading Card
Legendary Refractor Card

Every time a Legendary Refractor is pulled out of a pack, we will ship the physical card to your door.

Torey Pudwill Skated Deck from The Bigger Bang Video

Deck from Torey's Bigger Bang Part

(Already been claimed)

For every "Nollie Flip Crook" clip that is pulled, you will receive raffle tickets to win Torey's Skated Deck from that exact moment.


Each pack includes 3 digital moments








Legendary Refractor


What if I pull a Legendary Refractor?

Every legendary refractor will contain a signed and numbered physical card that we will ship directly to your door.

Is the guaranteed Legendary Refractor only limited to one per box?

No, there could be multiple Legendary Refractors in a box.

How can I get the 1/1 Torey Pudwill skated deck?

This deck has already been raffled off during the first drop of Series 3.

What does the serial number mean?

Every unique moment will have a serial number. Serial numbers can not be duplicated, there will never be two of the same serial numbers for the same unique moment.

How many Common, Rare, and Legendary Refractor moments are in the entire series?

20 Common, 15 Rare, 1 Legendary Refractor.